Individual Critiques


Songwork is primarily a do-it-yourself site. The idea is for you to take the information you learn in our videos and put it to good use. We realize that some of you might like a little more hands-on help using these techniques and tools in your own songs, so Steve Seskin and Bonnie Hayes have made themselves available for one-on-one Skype sessions. This time can be used for critiques, working on your songs on an ongoing basis, or general career consultation.

This service is not included in membership. The cost is $125 an hour. In that time a maximum of 3 songs can be critiqued, offering insight on how you can make your songs even better than they already are, and hopefully make it easier for you to do this on your own in the new songs you write.

Critiques are scheduled approximately 2-6 weeks out, depending on our instructors' touring and teaching schedules, so please allow for extra time to arrange your critique. To set up your critique, please communicate with Steve Seskin and/or Bonnie Hayes directly:

- steve.seskin@songwork.com
- bonnie.hayes@songwork.com

After you send an email, you will be contacted to set up a time to meet. Then you will be asked to send .mp3s of up to three songs for the instructor to preview before your session. The initial time spent listening to your songs will not be charged to you. You will have a full hour to meet and discuss your songs.

Your Skype time will be spent working with your instructor on specific aspects of your song, giving you suggestions about what to work on after the session. Follow-up consultations are available for those of you who want to work with an instructor on an on-going basis. If a pattern is noticed in your writing, you may be instructed to watch certain videos that will help you in your problem areas.

If you have any questions about Individual Critiques, or have trouble scheduling your critique, please contact Diana at customer-service@songwork.com.

Thank you!

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